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May 03, 2012—Internationally Known Audiovisual Archivist Joins Alteran Technologies Team

( May 3, 2012) Alteran Technologies entered into a relationship with Lance Watsky, an internationally known Audiovisual Archivist. Lance has been helping content holders craft strategies that lead to the access and preservation of their audiovisual collections for the past two decades.

Mr. Watsky’s experience includes projects for the Smithsonian Folkways, Emory University, Warner Bros, Iron Mountain Film & Sound Archive, the Shoah Foundation, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and many others. He also has the distinction of receiving the first Master of Arts degree awarded in the Preservation and Restoration of Motion Pictures and Recorded Sound, awarded in the United States (California State University, Chico, 1995).

While working for the Georgia State Archives, Mr. Watsky designed his Audiovisual Preservation Survey. The survey has given many audiovisual Content Holders, the opportunity to discuss their audiovisual access and preservation plans and objectives.

Alteran Technologies is committed to helping all content holders develop a solid plan for the access and preservation of their audio-visual content as such our company is currently offering Lance’s survey as a free service.

Audiovisual Content Holders should seize the opportunity to schedule a phone meeting with Lance, so that he can help you complete the Audio-Visual Preservation Survey.

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