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July 18, 2012—DIMOC Invited Alteran Technologies to Industry Discussions

Alteran Technologies, a leading company that specializes in developing workflow solutions to address large-scale audiovisual migration, digital asset management, and system integration was invited to participate in discussions at the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC), located in Riverside, California.

DIMOC is the operational arm of the Defense Visual Information Directorate (DVI), a component of the Defense Media Activity (DMA) the headquarters responsible for several operations within the Department of Defense that create, broadcast, manage, archive, and store media.

DIMOC invited leading digital asset management companies to day-long discussions that focused on a Response for Information (RFI) that could be used towards a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a no-cost solution to provide digitization, storage, and retrieval, to include managed hosting and online access.

With the present budget situation, DIMOC is assessing the best methods and means for undertaking a potential large-scale digitization, storage and retrieval effort. Given the vast media holdings, it is believed that there is value to this content becoming accessible, and have requested an assessment of the feasibility for providing digitization, storage and retrieval of the content in exchange for monetizing access to the material (during an exclusive period).

If feasible, the outcome will be an RFP soliciting a no-cost solution for digitization, storage and retrieval awarded on a best value basis. The goal of the RFI is to find out if the process would be acceptable to industry; what the work process would be; what kind of expertise would be required; how the digitized content would be marketed; and based on the workload, how long it would take to get all of the content digitized and on-line.

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