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October 09, 2012—David Bohrman Chooses Alteran Technologies

David Bohrman, President of Current TV, recently had Alteran Technologies create digital files of his personal video collection. Bohrman is a legendary television and new media executive, having created many TV news programs, and for his work in network television news, cable news, new media, internet, convergence and consulting.  

Alteran Technologies digitized over 1500 deteriorating tapes for Bohrman. The aging library consisted of videotapes in many different video formats:  1”, ¾” U-matic, D-2, D-3, Betacam, Betacam-SP, Betacam-SX, DVC-Pro, Digitbeta, Hi-8, and VHS. The goal was to transfer the material before the tapes suffered further deterioration, or the equipment needed to play the material becomes obsolete.

Bohrman said that he found Alteran Technologies service, responsiveness, and collaboration to be excellent. He added that “the quality of my files is extraordinary, and the physical tapes are now history”.

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