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April 19, 2009—Alteran Technologies, debuts ViTaDi Solution video migration solution at the 2009 NAB Show...

Alteran Technologies, a division of JP Claude Inc., a holding company, specializing in customized workflow solutions for media and entertainment - debuted ADIVA their new video content digitization and encoding software solution at NAB 2009. The scalable, customizable, affordable migration solution for video content owners, video archives, university videotape libraries, and publishers has the ability to preserve video assets as well as repurpose and create new revenue streams.


MIG4 is a scalable, four channel videotape digitization and asset management solution that allows for the system to be installed either at an on-site or off-site client location. The system reads and recognizes many types of cataloging barcodes and will work directly with pre-existing tape library solutions. After the ingest phase, the video content is automatically organized using a proprietary digital asset management system and becomes immediately available for transcoding and repurposing. The storage of the final digital format can be accomplished either on an existing network infrastructure or onto a raid solution. The system can be adapted to operate on a 24/7 basis which is ideally suited for high volume applications.


Alteran Technologies, a division of JP Claude Inc,. specializes in highly integrated video migration solutions for the entertainment industry.

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