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April 12, 2010—Alteran Technologies Launches Digital Migration Solution at NAB 2010

Las Vegas, NV • Alteran Technologies is introducing its highly integrated ViTaDi product suite that furnishes all content owners with a cost-effective digital migration solution at NAB 2010. The Alteran ViTaDi flagship suite is an extremely rapid and scalable conversion solution that captures, transcodes, and delivers video in multiple video/audio file formats to media servers, digital archives and asset management systems. ViTaDi uses a systems integration approach and incorporates partner products for maximum efficiency. Utilizing both new and legacy technology, ViTaDi adapts to a content owners pre-existing system architecture and integrates with any pre-existing tape library system.
Alteran is demonstrating the ViTaDi product suite, comprised of the following modules, at NAB in Booth C 9733:
New ViTaDi Database Software (VDS)
The ViTaDi Database Software (VDS) solution provides a complete end-to-end seamless workflow including digitization, transcoding and quality control. VDS monitors and organizes the entire digitization process. VDS controls multiple capture solutions simultaneously, organizes metadata, and allows for automated metadata creation. This allows the constant tracking on the status of the digitization process including the full web-based reporting of efficiency, errors and status. Finally, VDS controls the transcoding and quality control process. It manages and tracks videotape status throughout the capture process. It initially allows for the organization of videotape data during pre ingest. 
New ViTaDi Control Software (VCS)
ViTaDi Control Software (VCS) module not only controls the interface between the ViTaDi RoboPack and the encoding hardware, but also organizes the capture data allowing one touch ingests and metadata embedding without any operator involvement. Using Alteran’s “smart capture” system, ingest can be accomplished with or without client provided data or timecode, thus allowing smooth captures from any original tape, every time.
New ViTaDi-AutoPack
The ViTaDi-AutoPack is the perfect solution for portable ingestion. The AutoPack is a mobile solution that can be embedded within a customer’s video library or archive. It comes complete with custom configurable computer, storage, confidence monitoring and multi-channel capturing solution. In addition, the AutoPack can plug into a pre-existing digital asset management solution or fiber/Ethernet-based SAN. The AutoPack, designed to fit all ingestion needs, can easily roll from department to department, or to another client’s location.
New ViTaDi-RoboPack
The ViTaDi-RoboPack combines the ViTaDi-AutoPack with a Robotic system for rapid ingest of multiple video streams. It comes complete with a choice of VTRs: Betacam, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Betacam IMX, Betacam SX and HDCAM. It also includes the ViTaDi-AutoPack control unit, storage, confidence monitoring and software. The portable RoboPack fits through normal sized doors and can run on household power. This makes it the perfect solution for small or large library migration.
New The ViTaDi-ExPack
The ViTaDi-ExPack is a portable transcoding solution designed to work in conjunction with the ViTaDi-AutoPack to deliver a portable end-to-end digitization and transcoding video capture solution. The ViTaDi-ExPack comes complete with the Telestream Episode Engine™ transcoding software and computer that can take four streams of video and encode them simultaneously to a variety of industry standard codecs.

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