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Since its formation, JP Claude Inc, a financial holding company, has positioned itself as a significant player in the audiovisual migration arena by offering an alternative to current migration solutions.

The acquisition of the assets of two established broadcast integrators (B & B Systems and including their broadcast hardware, software, and technical expertise enabled the company to develop a "systems-based" integration solution for the large-scale audiovisual migration marketplace, Resulting in the formation of the subsidiary Alteran Technologies and the launch of its flagship migration product: ViTaDi. In collaboration with our technology partners, we have developed a combined technology system solution to address the challenges faced by audiovisual content holders.

Today, we operates synergistically related divisions, which include:

  Alteran Technologies – develop workflow solutions for large-scale media access and preservation. We can operate from our facility or locally at or near your archive location. - focus on the sale of new and used broadcast equipment, and we service and refurbish all models.

B & B Systems Integration - specialize in the design and integration of custom television IT facilities, control automation architectures, satellite uplinks and other related systems.

Call our headquarter for all divisions: (818) 998-9100.


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