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RTI TapeChek VT-3100

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Model Description:
Professional Videotape Evaluator/Cleaner for U-Matic Cassettes

Model Details

This RTI tape preservation system detects and counts physical tape defects, while simultaneously removing contaminants and polishing your tapes. And it does all this without affecting recorded signals on the tape. High Speed Performance With high-speed precision, the RTI system counts damage in the control, video and audio areas of the tape, and it shows the counts in large LED displays. This U-Matic model inspects and cleans your tapes at over 30 times normal play speed. A 20 minute tape can take less than a minute to inspect and clean. And it's fully automatic. All you do is drop in a cassette and push a button.

High speed performance is made possible by lab-standard excellence in design and construction. Special microprocessor programs monitor all critical functions of the RTI system. Even detector calibration is monitored and can be displayed on the front panel readouts to insure accurate detection on all four channels. Precision Sapphire Burnishing Loose oxide (the leading contaminant of videotape) is removed by the RTI cleaning system. The sapphire burnisher thoroughly polishes the oxide for maximum tape performance. Loose dirt, oxide and other debris are wiped away from both sides of the tape by special cleaning tissues.

Optional External Printer

Complete Data Reports in the Format of Your Choice

Controlled and operated by the RTI system microprocessor and data memory, the Printer option gives you more than just defect counts.

Comprehensive reports give you a hardcopy record of the tape's condition and the locations of all defects. It provides a complete recap of the digital displays, with separate columns showing control, video and audio track defects and oxide voids. You'll have instant management reports indicating whether or not the program portion of the tape is usable.

The reports also help you keep the data straight, since each printout is identified with the cassette number and evaluation date. It will provide you with both a quick defect data recap and a detailed defect location report, or either one depending on the amount of information you need.

In addition, various report formats can be selected with this versatile, software-controlled system.


The 4-channel RTI defect detection system is fast, accurate and easy to use, so you will know the physical condition of tapes before you use them allowing you to:

•Remove bad tapes from your collection.
•Eliminate re-dubbing time and costs.
•Prevent tapes from damaging your recording equipment.
•Provide your customers or viewers with documented good tapes.

Routine burnishing and cleaning of your tapes can eliminate up to 70% of the temporary dropouts. Even prerecorded tapes will look better after only one pass through the RTI Evaluator/Cleaner.

•Clean tapes keep recorders clean.
•Burnishing promotes maximum tape performance.
•Good tapes look sharper when cleaned; marginal tapes become more acceptable.
•Clean tapes save maintenance time and costs.

Protect critical components in your VCR - the video, audio and control track heads. When you play tapes, they become dusty, dirty and the oxide loosens. This debris accumulates on the heads and inside the recorder, causing permanent damage and expensive repairs. It also interferes with video signal transfer so pictures look “snowy” and tapes become further damaged. Protect your video equipment, your tapes and your reputation with RTI.

Standard Features and Specifications

•Operates at 30 times standard play speed in forward and reverse.
•Automatic operation: select the appropriate functions, insert the cassette and push AUTO. Automatic rewind system responds to tail leader only.
•Microcomputer electronics provide uniform tape speed and tension for smooth, gentle tape handling.
•Digital detection sensitivity readouts on front panel. Four individually adjustable sensitivity channels (with separate sensors) allow individual calibration for each type of defect. Unique defect bypass on the front and rear threading portions of the tape, if selected on keyboard.
•Double-life Sapphire Burnisher accurately polishes oxide, reduces dropouts.
•Separate erase interlock prevents acci dental erasure.
•Software flexibility allows for future enhancements.
•Modular electronics and assemblies for easy service.
•Self-Diagnostics monitor the status of operating systems.
•Large, 7-segment data displays.
•Power: 117V AC, 60 Hz (optional 220V AC operation, specify 50 or 60 Hz)
•Dimensions: 23~ W x 23" D x 9-1/2" H (58.42 cm. wide x 58.42 cm. deep x 24.13 cm. high)
•Net Weight: 75 Ibs. (34.02 kg.)
•Options Printer System — Fast and quiet printer produces a concise damage recap report or graphically charts damage and location information in hardcopy form. Evaluation date and cassette number may be entered to identify each printout and to facilitate better management of your tape collection.
•Erase System — This front panel selectable option provides complete (over 58 dB) erasure while inspecting and cleaning. Full-width erasure of control, video and audio signals leaves the tape ready for recording and eliminates problems caused by incomplete VCR erasure during rerecording. No perceptible trace of audio or video is left on the tape with the RTI total erasure system.

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