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Model Description:
Real-time multichannel transcoding package with 24Tb, expension for ViTaDi Packs & added options

Model Details

Transcoding Made Easy with Alteran's ViTaDi-ExPack, a portable Automatic transcoding solution designed to work in conjunction with the ViTaDi-AutoPack or RoboPack capturing solution.

The ViTaDi-ExPack comes complete with Episode Engine™ transcoding software and Xserve computers which can take the 4 streams of encoded material and transcode up to 16 streams in real time. It also comes with the management software, designed to interface with ACS and give reports on status of encoded material.

The ExPack is small, portable and most importanty plugs into any network or san solution to store the vast qualitites of transcoded material. It also comes pre-configured with cache storage, which can be upgraded to 48tb, remote monitoring solution and keyboard/mouse. All you need to do is add power and content, it does the rest.


- Real-Time multi-channel transcoding

- Up to 4 transcodes per incoming stream (16 streams total)

- Up converting to High Definition

- Down converting from HD to SD

- Network Attached Solution, plug and play

- Extremely portable

- Quality Control software

- Additional 24 Tb Storage



File Formats/Wrappers H264, 3GPP, ASF, AVI, Avid 0P1a, DV, Flash FLV, GFX, M1V, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MXF, RealMedia, Sony MXF, SWF, VLF, Windows Media WMV 

Computer System Macintosh OS Leopard, Xserve Intel 2.66ghz/12gb ram/320gb, VCS Transcoding Software Bundle and Episode Engine

Power Requirements Between 10 and 15 amps

Physical Dimensions Flypack: H 32”,  W 24” , D 36” 

* Actual specifications may vary upon client requirements

Additional Detailed Information:

Introduction of Alteran Technologies:

The Alteran Technologies product offering is an affordable, scalable video migration solution that enables the automated digitization of video content. This solution is designed to organize and control rapid video migration. Using a complex and proprietary database backbone, the solution can ingest over 64 channels of content at a single time, which makes it one of the most efficient in the industry today.
   This customizable turnkey solution targets high-volume encoding of videotapes to digital file formats, which allows for accessibility to searchable digital archives and asset management systems.

Alteran Technologies’ automated robotic hardware/software video migration solution, ViTaDi, combines with the Telestream’s Pipeline™ network encoder to automate the process of simultaneously capturing and digitizing multiple videotapes and encoding them in real time to digital video files. Telestream’s Episode® Engine works in tandem with ViTaDi and Pipeline to begin transcoding the video files to additional formats while they are being encoded. The result is an extremely rapid and efficient means to capture, transcode, and deliver video in multiple video/audio file formats to media servers, digital archives and asset management systems.

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