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Front Porch Digital SAMMA Clean U-Matic

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Model Description:
A quality, precision video tape cleaner which inspects, cleans, conditions and winds videotape

Model Details

Archive Quality Videotape Inspector and Cleaner with Metadata
Next generation videotape cleaner that not only cleans valuable master tapes quickly, but also reports tape conditions as metadata.
Key Product Features
• Delicate, thorough cleaning of master tapes; 1/10th VTR playback tension
• Two optical sensors to detect damage; one for tape width and one for reflectivity
• Evaluation software graphically reports tape condition and cleanliness
• Each tape’s cleaning status reported in XML format
• Programmable Auto-mode for standalone, one button operation.
• Available for U-matic, Betacam and VHS cassette families
SAMMA Clean™ is a system for conditioning, inspecting and winding videotape cassette tapes.
The purpose of SAMMA Clean™ is to recondition various formats of tape in order to extend the life of the tape, reduce the number of defects due to dirt deposit, and recognize physical defects in the tape. The extent that certain physical defects of the tape can be reconditioned and/or removed depends on the severity of the defects. SAMMA Clean™ is also a tool to help identify potential problems that may occur in a recorder such as poor tape packing and tension control.
In a single cycle (forward and reverse) SAMMA Clean™ optically inspects and cleans the tape with the assistance of two types of optical sensors. One sensor measures the width of the tape with maximum precision- a long-term change in width means that a fold, stretching or major damage exists. The other sensor measures the light reflected from the tape- a change in the quantity of light reflected means that surface damage exists.
SAMMA Clean™ is configured to allow ease of operation. Push button controls are located on the control panel located on the front of the unit. Additional functions as well as post-test examination features require the use of a remote computer for signal interface with the cleaner.
Three types of archive quality cleaners for two different video cassette formats are available: U-matic (SCL/U) and Betacam (SCL/B) and VHS (SCL/V) The U-Matic cleaner (SCL/U) is designed to handle both small and large U-Matic tapes which comply with the ANSI/SMTPE 22M-1997 Standard.

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