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Front Porch Digital SAMMA Solo

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Model Description:
A single channel semi-automated multi-standard migration system

Model Details

Single channel videotape to digital file migration system, semi-automated
Packaged in a compact, turnkey, single-stream solution - the SAMMA Solo system makes it easy to convert even the largest videotape collections to digital files.
The SAMMA Solo solution is intuitive: simply connect a video tape machine, set your own preferred parameters in the migration software, insert a tape and press go.
SAMMA Solo watches over the entire operation automatically, monitoring the process and implementing your quality standards frame by frame. It converts videotape in real-time to as many as four simultaneous digital files including MXF wrapped JPEG2000, MPEG-2, Quicktime, H.264 (MPEG-4), FLASH, MPEG-1, AVC, Windows Media, and Real Media.
Front Porch Digital has created the industry's first MXF wrapped Motion JPEG 2000 real-time encoder that generates fully reversible compressed files. JPEG2000 provides uncompressed video quality at one-third the storage cost of uncompressed video - saving you money and keeping your options open.
SAMMA Solo software provides user configurable setups which precisely define a client's quality control requirements. SAMMA Eye™ measures six video and audio signal parameters during migration, replacing the often-less-than-perfect monitoring that would otherwise be performed by skilled operators who must continually "watch" the migration. Administrators determine the sensitivity thresholds that flag errors, and if those error levels continue beyond a user-defined duration, SAMMA Eye™ will automatically terminate a migration.
Multiple SAMMA Solo Systems Can Be Controlled By a Single Operator
Each SAMMA Solo is designed to be an independent system - but with scalable control architecture. For migrating larger libraries, up to sixteen SAMMA Solo systems can be simultaneously controlled by one operator using a centralized, easy-to-manage interface. Each migration generates a comprehensive easy-to-read set of graphs of important migration parameters, indexed to time code. Operators can quickly and easily jump directly to any migration error - and make an instant determination whether further is required. A complete set of migration metadata is available as an XML file that can be easily parsed to your requirements and exported to your migration database. These include: black level, dropout level, input loss level, RF threshold, audio threshold and servo lock threshold.

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