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Model Description:
PAL 2" Quad broadcast Editor. We buy, rebuild and sell quad VTR – Available rebuilt, in Stock.

Model Details

Any Ampex VTR has a superb reputation to live up to. The AVR-2's picture and audio quality, as well as its mechanical excellence and overall reliability, are perpetuating that reputation. With optional High Band/Pilot (SHBP) a new combination of recording frequencies provide continuous error correction and consistently high video fidelity. Luminance, chrominance, and velocity errors are automatically fine tuned out for inherent peak video performance.

In Record, SHBP or High Band is selected by a switch on the front of the module. In Playback, the system automatically selects SHBP only when the pilot control frequency is detected. Indicator lights on the control panel display the machine's operational band.

Optionally, two separate audio tracks are at your disposal without the use of the cue track. This capability offers creative potential in voiceovers, bridging music, effects, stereo or recording a second language. The potential is open to your creative imagination.

The AVR-2 offers a choice of line and power standards: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M. If required, the standard may be changed simply by substituting certain modules.

Compact PAL 2" Quad Broadcast VTR. With the proper optional boards, it's a full editor Hi-Band, plays low band, high band and tapes with defective control tracks. Fully self contained, 117 vac.
the AVR-2 videotape recording system operates in three basic modes:record,playback,adn edit. Each operating mode is initiated at the transport control panel.Commands from the control panel are routed to the control logic.system operation in any mode requires tape threaded on the transport ,a source of source of compressed air,and 115/220-VAC power. if any of these prerequisites are not fulfilled,the control logic will prevent system operation.


Entire specs listed in brochure below. Pg 12

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