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Cinnafilm Dark Energy 2.0

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Model Description:
Texture Manager, Tachyon, FilmSim, file-based conversion, noise/texture mng, dust bust, retime op

Model Details

power to transform
Dark Energy 2.0 leverages power of Cinnafilm’s 4th generation, Pixel Strings™
image processing engine to provide the most complete modular software suite
for image optimization and conversion.
Building on the success of the ARRI Relativity launch, Cinnafilm has incorporated
powerful new phase correlation algorithms into our motion estimation
engine. The new improved engine provides unsurpassed image quality and
further raises the bar on the competition for file-based conversion, noise/texture
management, dustbust and retiming operations.
In addition to the Dark Energy 2.0 Software Suite (modules listed on opposite
page), Cinnafilm is creating plug-ins for industry leading applications. These
plug-ins use the same Pixel Strings engine and algorithms found in the full software
suite, but leverage the user interface of the host application to minimize
workflow disruption. The first plug-ins to be released are for Quantel
and Harmonic’s Rhozet.

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