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Model Description:
CerifyLite version. Quality Control of File-based Content, File based QC

Model Details

CerifyLite Video Content Verification
Quality control of file-based video presents
many challenges. Files may be
received from different sources and
encoded at different bitrates, formats
and compression standards for SD/HD,
VOD, DVD and IPTV delivery. QC operators
need to be able to check the details
of each file and that it conforms to the
expected template of parameters.
At the digital level, the audio and video
must be correctly encoded without errors
in accordance with the compression
standard, so that it plays out correctly
in the correct format and bitrate. At
the baseband level, signal levels, color
space, frame format and quality must
be checked to the quality-of-service
levels expected by the customer.
Manual inspection can playout, watch
and listen but is subjective and cannot
look inside the encoding and check
that the correct encoding parameters
have been used. For example, have
the packet size, GOP structure and
bitrates been set correctly?
CerifyLite provides an objective test
solution to these challenges in a convenient
software package for use on PCs
and laptops. It is ideal for post production
and content houses who need to
check that file-based video is correct
before it is dispatched.
CerifyLite is based on the award-winning
Cerify product which has already been
selected by leading broadcasters and
telecom companies in the USA, Canada,
Europe and Australia.
CerifyLite™ provides the same full range
of encoding and baseband tests as
Cerify V3.0. This includes extensive
testing of file compression, quantization,
bitrate, format tests and baseband type
video tests for letterbox/pillarbox, gamut,
luma, chroma and video signal levels.
Audio tests include audio peak and
minimum level, audio loss, clipping, mute
and test tones on audio channels.
The test results and template databases
are Cerify-compatible so that a production
or DVD house using CerifyLite can
use the same templates and checks
before dispatching the content to the
broadcaster testing with Cerify on Ingest.
CerifyLite is also ideal for smaller broadcasters
with limited amounts of content
to check, and as a stepping stone to the
full Cerify. An upgrade path is available.
CerifyLite installs on a standard PC
and can test files on the local drives.
It includes detailed on-screen reporting
of the file parameters and test results.
It does not include the integration and
automation features of the full Cerify.


Features & Benefits

Replaces Error-prone, Timeconsuming

Processes of Visually

Inspecting Video Content

Performs Consistent and Thorough

Checks of Video Files Against

User-defined Templates

Tests For Encoding Errors, Format,

Bitrate, Quants, Framerate, GOP,

Aspect Ratio, Color Format, VBV

Buffer, File Size

Tests for Closed Captions, TeleText,

CableLabs VoD Compliance

Tests Video Playtime, Signal

Levels, Gamut, Luma, Chroma,

Black Frames, Blockiness

Tests Audio Peak and Minimum

Levels, Audio Loss, Clipping,

Mute, Test Tones

Video – MPEG-2, MPEG-4,

H.264, VC-1/WMV9

QCIF, CIF, SD, D1, 720p,

1080i Formats

Audio – MPEG-1, MPEG-2,



ASF, GXF, MXF Wrappers

PC Software for Windows XP

Browser-based User Control

Upgrade Path to the Full Cerify

CerifyLite and Cerify Databases

of Templates and Results

Are Fully Compatible and



Smaller Broadcasters – For

Checking Audio and Video Files

After Encoding, At Ingest, After

Editing and Before Playout for

Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, Internet

and Video-on-Demand Content

Post Production and Content

Providers – For Checking that

Post Production Content Has

Been Correctly Encoded and

Conforms to the Required Quality

and Format Standard Before

Dispatch to the Broadcaster

DVD Houses – For Checking



Standards Supported

Video Formats –

HD and SD – NTSC, PAL, SECAM, 24 fps.

Resolutions –

QCIF, CIF, SD, D1, 720p, 1080i/50, 1080i/60

(and non-standard sizes from 16x16 to HD+).

Systems Level –

MPEG-2 TS, Program stream, PES, MPEG-4

Parts 1,14 and 15, 3GPP, ASF, GXF, MXF.

Video –

MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part-2, H.264/AVC (MPEG-4

Part 10), VC-1/WMV9, H.263+, H.263.

Audio –



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