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Square Box Systems CatDV Pro with MXF Option

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Model Description:
Cat DV Pro Asset Management Software, flexible and cost effective content management system

Model Details

If you want a flexible and cost effective content management system that allows your editors and producers to concentrate on the creative side of the process, rather than tedious file management issues, then you need look no further than CatDV server-based solutions from Square Box Systems.

With the CatDV Workgroup or Enterprise Server you get all the features and benefits of the standalone CatDV application, but all the clip metadata needed to help you organise your project is accessible via a central shared database, letting you quickly and easily find any clip - whoever worked on it and wherever the media files are stored.

Additional Detailed Information:

If you work in a large department or production facility, CatDV Enterprise Server gives you all the benefits of CatDV Professional Edition and the Workgroup Server but with the option of applying controls so that users only see and work with files relevant to their current project, along with other tools to simplify sharing data within the team.

CatDV Enterprise Server
  • Authentication and logging
  • Configurable access control, with a flexible users, groups and permissions model
  • Server-based handling of preference settings to ensure that everyone working on a production has the same settings such as pick list values or preview settings
  • Shared group documents, such as a To Do list or production 'blog'
  • Shared clip lists and smart folders
  • Tape library management (in conjunction with optional barcode reader)
  • Extra tools to simplify browsing clips on the server.

The CatDV Enterprise Server is available for either MySQL or Oracle databases, and is available for most common server platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Read a case study on how the CatDV Enterprise Server is acting as the "gateway to the SAN", a simple yet powerful user interface to the entire library of online clips.

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