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RTI Tapechek 300

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Model Description:
TapeChek XCL. High Speed VHS Cleaner Condition Rewinder, large MII

Model Details

VideoPRO VHS & large MII Cleaners — Rewinders Save Time, Money and your Valuable Videotapes

• Cleans... Specially formulated cleaning tissue gently wipes away dirt, dust, loose oxide, hair and other contaminates that can make the picture look bad and sound distorted.
• Conditions... Precision sapphine polisher conditions the tape surface for better performance.
• Simple to Operate... Tapes are cleaned, conditioned and rewound automatically.
• Fast... Operates at 60 times standard play speed. Cleans, conditions and rewinds a T-120 tape in less than 2 minutes!
• Safe... Proven method used worldwide. Uses no toxic chemicals. Microprocessor electronics control speed and tension for gentle, safe tape handling.
• Heavy-Duty... No flimsy plastic parts. All solid state electronics. Direct drive motor, no belts. All components rated for continuous operation.

The more you know about videotape, the more you will appreciate owning your TapeChek VideoPRO!
Size: 20" x 18" x 81/2". Weight:40 lbs.

Optional Erase Module Available

Generic features for the 400 series were:

Cleans Your Tapes — Makes Them Last Longer and Perform Better!

•Cleans... Specially formulated motorized cleaning tissue gently wipes away dirt and other debris from the tape. Eliminates temporary dropouts and helps to keep VCRs clean.
•Polishes... A sapphire burnishing module removes loose oxide, the number one cause of dropouts. The tape surface is polished for better head-to-tape contact and improved performance.
•Before TapeChek... Loose oxide, dust and dirt on the tape causes distracting dropouts in both video and audio.
•After TapeChek... Videotape is cleaned and polished to like-new condition. With TapeChek, you can maintain the quality of your tapes for years to come.
Inspects Your Tapes — Finds Damage so that you can Fix them, Retire them or Replace them!

•Opto-electronic detection system locates edge damage, wrinkles and creases in the tape without erasure
•Damage is reported on a comprehensive tape information display that provides four reports of defect data and tape length
•Optional printer output provides hard copy reports of tape condition and damage locations
•Defect search option after inspection, at the press of a button, TapeChek will fast forward to each damaged section in turn, so you can visually inspect the tape damage.

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