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Square Box Systems CatDV Package

SKU #: MO817875
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Model Description:
include ES, EC5, WN2, WW2, MS1, JBA-103

Model Details

ES: Enterprise Server (no clients included)

EC5: CatDV Enterprise Client (5-user pack)

WN2: 2 x CatDV Enterprise Worker Nodes

WW2: Web Client and Web Services Clients (one server, up to 2 floating licenses)

MS1: Maintenance and support contract (12 months rolling priority email and telephone support) and all CatDV upgrades during this time.

SBA-103: CATDV Advanced Deployment
-Advanced Deployment require additional professional services and must have a design and engineering review to specify them. Package also includes project management, consulting, Remote
Installation, 3 introductory web trainings to be recorded for later use, workflow to be designed per the SOW ( Statement Of Work) and 2 days of onsite training. (travel Expenses are additional) Signed SOW must be submitted prior to order.

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